Honda CRF 250L

Honda CRF 250L

Honda CRF 250L Specifications

Category Honda CRF 250L Spec
Type Dual Sport
Base Model MSRP $4,999.00
Engine Type Single-Cylinder
Cylinders 1
Engine Stroke 4-Stroke
Displacement 249.6 cc
Wheelbase / Length 56.9 in
Number Of Speeds 6
Dry Weight 320 lbs
Fuel Capacity 2 gal

Honda CRF 250L Exhaust Systems

FMF Racing Exhaust Systems

FMF Racing Exhaust Systems

Over the decades, we’ve seen an amazing transformation in the world of motorcycles and ATVs. The progression of the technology is one of the challenges that keeps us going. FMF was there in the days when the singleshock and watercooled engines were huge innovations and we’re glad to be here now for the aluminum chassis and electronic fuel injection. Our goal will never change - take the most advanced machinery to its limit by building the world’s best performing exhausts. And its a fact, we build every exhaust by hand from start to finish right here in the U.S.
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• Slip-Ons to Full Systems $296.99 - $533.99
• Overall increase in power and torque.
• Durable stainless steel and aluminum construction.
• Space Age internal packing material for maximum longevity.
• Hi-Flo modular end cap.
• Internal shape of core uses Hi-Flo technology.
• Enhanced sonic evacuation provides for higher flow and increased power.
• Includes removable spark arrestor.

Yoshimura Exhausts

Yoshimura Exhaust Systems

For 60 years, Hideo "Pops" Yoshimura and his namesake company have designed and produced the finest exhaust systems in the world. The high quality of Yoshimura exhaust systems, slip-on mufflers and Genuine Yoshimura Accessories is a direct result of the company´s commitment to uncompromising quality standards, extensive research and development, and unrivaled expertise in manufacturing.
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• Slip-On to Full Systems $521.99 - $895.50
• Pentagonal-shaped muffler sleeve and aluminum mount bracket.
• Front muffler cap functions as a polyresonant chamber which helps reduce noise.
• Two-stage stepped baffle.
• Durable high-grade stainless steel tapered header and mid-pipe.
• Considerable weight reduction.
• Carbon fiber end-cap comes with a U.S.F.S.-approved spark arrested insert installed in the muffler.
• Step-by-step directions and all necessary hardware included for an easy installation.

Big Gun Exhausts

Big Gun Exhaust Systems

Big Gun Exhaust was founded in 1997 by 3-time 4-Stroke AMA National Champion Mike Young, Jr. With an R&D department that has been tirelessly working to stay in front of the competition, Big Gun Exhaust has taken steps towards developing new and innovative products for the future. Big Gun Exhaust has all of its production and manufacturing under one roof in beautiful Corona, California.
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• Slip-Ons to Full Systems: $271.05 - $569.99
• Economically priced high quality slip-on exhaust system.
• U.S.F.S.-approved screen-type removable spark arrestor.
• TIG welded stainless steel pipe construction.
• 6061 brushed aluminum muffler housing.
• Black satin steel muffler tip.
• Slip-fit mid pipe design allows movement of subframes and prevents breaking exhaust systems.
• Stainless band strap mounts muffler to subframe.
• 3 - 6 horsepower increase on most models.

Honda CRF 250L Tuning / ECU Mapping Products

Dobeck Performance

Dobeck Performance EJK Fuel Controller

Less shop time means more ride time. The Electronic Jet Kit (EJK) is the #1 EFI controller on the market for installation time to riding with great performance. Plug and play does not just refer to connectors to make installation easy, but the EJK comes programmed and ready to go for stage 1 (after-market pipe and air cleaner) modifications. Forget downloading maps. Forget looking up settings. The EJK installs in mere minutes and you are off to a better, more powerful, smoother ride.
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• $225.00
• Plug N' Play Installation - Minutes to Install, Base Settings are Preset
• Uses Unique Load Based Technology
• Offers Full Range Tunability
• Does Not Interfere with Stock ECU Operation
• Simple Push Button Adjustment Interface
• Water-Resistant
• 2-Year Warranty - Does NOT void any OEM vehicle warranty.
• Compact Size - 2.2" H x 3.4" W x 0.5" D


DynoJet Power Commander Tuner

DynoJet Power Commander V

The New Power Commander V is loaded with tons of new features. Below you will find some Power Commander V features.
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• $399.99
• Unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range
• 10 throttle position columns
• Enhanced "accel pump" utility

Honda CRF 250L Accessories

MotoSport Accessories

MotoSport Accessories

MotoSport has seen rapid growth by focusing on a few fundamental principles: Deliver outstanding customer service; stock most of the products we sell; provide competitive pricing; and most importantly, hire and retain staff that is as dedicated to riding as the customers we serve.
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Performance Products, Parts and Accessories for the Honda CRF250L.
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At you will find a list of discussions about the Honda CRF 250L dual sport vehicle.
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At you will find a list of discussions about the Honda CRF 250L dual sport vehicle.
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